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Libertarian Party
(626) 919-1593

California needs leadership with fiscal responsibility. Vote NO on bond measures.

CLAUDE PARRISH Republican Party P.O. Box 2427
Palos Verdes, CA 90274
(213) 688-8862

State bond interest payments are consuming an ever increasing portion of the state’s budget. This puts pressure on the Legislature to increase all state taxes. Any increase in Corporate, personal income taxes, or sales taxes will cause a stall in the California economy and undoubtedly cause businesses to leave the State. The State is already too deep in debt! First, the State Treasurer must go before the Legislature to oppose all but the most vital or cost effective bond issues! Second, having held NASD Security licenses has given me an understanding of the financial markets. We need to eliminate dealing with the “Middle Men” from “Wall Street” that receive hundreds of millions of dollars in underwriting fees and instead have our bonds underwritten by allocation to California-based brokerage firms. Not only will the state save hundreds of millions of dollars, California will receive taxes from those California-based firms. Third, the Treasurer’s office needs to be accessible to the public and run in a cost-effective, efficient manner. Here’s why. For California Citizens, State Bonds are exempt from Federal and State personal income taxes; however, these bonds are not available to the average California citizen because brokerage firms do not offer them in amounts of less than $10,000. I will institute a small investor program so that Californians with as little as $100 can invest in these tax-exempt bonds. I seek your vote and have been endorsed by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Organization and many leading state legislators.

Green Party
815 Washington St. #52
Oakland, CA 94607

Corporate money should not buy political influence, so I don’t take contributions from big business! We should protect our State pensions and invest our tax dollars to fund better schools, universal healthcare, more affordable housing, community development, and clean energy programs. We should forgive student loans so education becomes a benefit and not a burden. Banks that hold California’s money should stop predatory and environmentally destructive lending, and we should move our State’s investments into community development banks and credit unions that support local economies. We can balance California’s budget immediately if the top 1% of earners pay the same local and state tax rates as the poorest citizens in California. We must implement a fair policy of legalization for undocumented workers and ensure that all workers are paid a fair minimum wage, with inflation protection.—I believe our competitiveness in the world economy and ability to foster peace globally depends on our ability to chart a new course. Vote Thakker, and help me work for economic justice for all Californians.

The order of the candidates is determined by random alphabet drawing. Statements on this page were supplied by the candidates and have not been checked for accuracy. Each statement was voluntarily submitted by the candidate and is printed at the expense of the candidate. Candidates who did not submit statements could otherwise be qualified to appear on the ballot.

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